Welcome to our Adventure

Thank you for joining us for The Voyages of Admiral Grey, a serialized story presented in partnership with the internet’s finest tea purveyor, Tea Trader.

In our monthly episodes we’ll find fast action, high adventure, tender romance and compelling drama. Let’s get started!

The latest news as of July, 2022:

Season Four has seen untimely delays and unfortunately the wait may go on a while longer. Rest assured that our story has not been abandoned and will be resumed as soon as possible.

Season Three is now complete with all six episodes published.

Both Season One and Season Two are available in elegant and inexpensive print editions. The Voyages of Admiral Grey Volume 1  and  The Voyages of Admiral Grey Volume 2 can be obtained from amazon.com and other Amazon international sites, or directly from Tea Trader.

After the Covid epidemic has run its course, your author hopes to return to Calgary for another in-person book signing at the Tea Trader shop. There’s no telling when this might take place, but we hope it can be sooner rather than later.