About Our Story

Welcome to our ongoing saga of adventure on the high seas, drama and danger in exotic ports of call in all corners of the world, romance and intrigue, evil deeds, heroism, and of course, tea.

Our story takes place in the days of Admiral Grey, nephew to the Lord Earl Grey, around the year 1870, and also in modern times in Calgary, Alberta, and other Canadian locations.

Paulie Duhaime, a brilliant young blender at Calgary’s specialty tea shop, Tea Trader, has come into possession of an old and seemingly magical hand-written tome, which purports to be the long-lost logbook of Admiral Grey. When Paulie begins to read the book, strange things happen, and in some mysterious way the past and present begin to intertwine.

In our first season, we published  six episodes at approximately monthly intervals. Our second season is drawing to a close and also will feature six episodes. A third season? That’s the current plan!

So now, fetch a cup of your favorite tea and join us as our tale unfolds.